# Radio

Radio buttons are used when only one choice needs to be selected in a list of options.

# Usage

<su-radio-group v-model="fruits">
	<su-radio label="Apple" value="apple"/>
	<su-radio label="Orange" value="orange"/>

import { RadioGroup, Radio } from 'slim-ui'

export default {
	components: {
		'su-radio-group': RadioGroup,
		'su-radio': Radio
	data () {
		return {
			fruits: 'orange'

# Demo

# Props

# label

Will place label text to the right of the input.

# html attributes

Any valid attribute will be added to the input.

  disabled />

# v-model - required

Use v-model to bind the checked state of the underlying <input /> tag. The v-model binds to the value prop of the component and sets current checked state of the input.